Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Green Roof Tour, Summer 2018


We've been mentioned in an article about green roofs in The Fix column the New York Times, so I thought I should do a quick video about how things are going on our green roof at the moment.  Here 'tis:

Here's the link:

And, if you're wondering what the off-broadway play we're working on is all about, it's called Recreating Keiter.  It's the story of very personal, pivotal moments in my wife, Cindy Keiter's life, using the art of the "baseball recreate", in tribute to her late, legendary sportscaster father, Les Keiter.  You can learn more and buy tickets to come see the show (running through July 8th, 2018 at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row in Manhattan) at the Recreating Keiter web site.

Here's a shot of Cindy and me on opening night in the dressing room.  Love!