Sunday, December 23, 2018

Where YouTube, Life, and Artistic Expression collide?

Halloo and Happy Holidays!

I've been trying to work my way past some emotional hang-ups surrounding my perfectionism.  I've been filming all of my work for the past 2 years (gosh, has it been 2 years since I left Blue Man?), which is great.  What isn't great is that I've not been able to take the time to review and edit together movies with what I've shot.  In addition to having been legitimately working too hard against deadlines to take the time out for editing, I have been finding myself stuck in a whirlpool of thinking - trying to figure out how to introduce myself and begin the story of these past two years, and struggling with software just to organize the files!  Procrastination, excuses, problem solving, problem not-solving, stewing, procrastinating, and then back to edit - body sore from sitting, constant interruptions... And the worry.  Will it be good enough?  Will I ever be able to make something out of all of this?  Then flashes of inspiration or just good-hard discipline arrive, I make some headway, get interrupted, and the struggle begins again.

So, this is a different approach - a small project and a small, simple video about it.  It's just a documentation of what I did - a "Ta-da! Movie," if you will.  And I offer it to the universe as well as to myself, because I want to join in, and be, as some friends once said, a part of it all.

Behold!  My latest youtube video: