Tuesday, February 11, 2014

PHL Working and Playing

This week, Cindy and I had a Project Happy Life meeting on the subjects of working and playing.  We've had quite a few PHL Meetings so far, but it's time to turn discussion into action for a number of our topics.  So we made a list of "Action Sessions" we'd like to do together and separately.  They are:

  • Vet our wardrobes
  • Set up Long Term Care Insurance with Joel
  • Prepare our taxes
  • Set up ebay sales for the stuff we want to get rid of
  • go through all the stuff that's stored in the basement and get rid of what we don't need
  • thoroughly clean and re-arrange the kitchen
  • put up Cindy's makeup mirror (I'm holding this one up - I want to buy a specific type)
  • Buy a new set of towels (our belated wedding gift to ourselves)
  • get some wedge shaped cushions for the day bed (which we use as a couch)
  • go through and merge our book collections.  Let go of what we don't need.

We also want to make time to play together.  So we listed a few of the things we could think of:
  • Snowball fights
  • Run sprints and play tag in the snow at the park
  • When the weather is nicer, play tennis together
  • Have more beach days this summer
  • Cindy would like me to take another Bikram Yoga class with her.  It's one of her favorite things, and I love sharing it with her... occasionally.
  • Have more backgammon tournaments!
Since I haven't really talked about it much yet, I thought I would write a little bit about our system.  Cindy and I are sitting down together and having Project Happy Life meetings once or twice per week.  When one of us wants to have a meeting, we simply let the other one know.  Often, we have them over tea and coffee in the morning or in the evening over dinner.  Sometimes we schedule them days in advance, and sometimes we decide to have one on the spot.  The main thing is to make sure we have plenty of time so our discussions can go where they want to.

Our next step is to make a date.  Maybe it'll be a kitchen cleaning date.  Or maybe it'll be a snowball fight date (she usually starts them, and I usually finish them, by the way).  We're just making all of this up as we go along.  It's nice to stay focused on our lives together, rather than to get too carried away in all the day-to-day details that never end up mattering in the long run.

Kadima War!


  1. I really like the way you planned your time prior to it. Other than that I really appreciate the way you assigned time to everything and everyone. Great job

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