Friday, January 31, 2014

PHL Master Categories

When Cindy and I first sat down to talk about Project Happy Life, we established a couple of things.  One, Cindy would be the scribe.  I make my living as a stage manager, so I don't want to take notes any more than I have to.  Besides, Cindy is a fountain of enthusiasm and took to the task willingly.

From Cindy's first page of notes
Second, we figured out three main areas of our lives (as a couple and as individuals) that we wanted to focus on.  They are:

Health and Wellbeing (including nutrition, exercise, appearance and wardrobe, education, and edification)

Profession/Careers (including our current day jobs - mine in theatre and Cindy's as a tour guide, as well as other possibilities for work - acting, woodworking, design, environmental stuff, writing, teaching, and possibly coloring (more on that last one some other time)).

Home/Life (including the basement workshop, our plants (inside and out), our cats (Melvin and Jane), the upstairs rental, restoring/updating our house, home decoration/use-of-space, landscaping (front yard, back yard, the roof - more on that another time too), surfing, gardening/farming, cooking, playing games and sports, our spiritual practice, friends and family, movies and books, life long learning, finances, and travel)

Since that first meeting, we've been setting aside time and going through our sub categories as the mood strikes us.  We have meetings to talk about them or work sessions to address them.  And, I must say, it's been fantastic to have a little project to do together.

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