Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Skinny

A few months ago, I was sitting in my office, and I thought, "If we don't get strategic about our lives, we're going to be stuck in the same positions doing the same things forever."  So, I called up my wife, Cindy, and told her about my vision.  I wanted to have a series of meetings and work sessions with her to discuss all the aspects of our lives as individuals and as a couple that we could think of, and I wanted to make specific plans for each of those areas.  At the very least, we would know what each other wants.  At best, we would achieve what we want.  And along the way, we would deepen our connection and give ourselves a new way to look at our lives.  We call it Project Happy Life.

This is the place for us to document our Project Happy Life work and discussions.  Next time, I'll start going into detail about what exactly Project Happy Life entails.

Until then, this is what Cindy looks like when she sleeps in:

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